I waited for the meeting after church today, it was going so well up to the moment that one aunty killed my unborn sentence with a ✋✋ehnehn ehnehn ehnehn; sentence that I conceived and carried nine full seconds in my brain fa😞😞. You won’t know how painful that thing is until they do it to you.

So, I decided to mourn my sentence quietly and not say anything more, I don’t like showing my werey in the house of God. I kuku decided to allow the intelligent aunties to have the meeting and just observe, after all what do I know Kwanu? “Let the meeting finish and and let us come and be going biko” mood got activated. And the mood had to stay a while, it was raining outside.

Ahn ahn. Was it the small rain that fell that has almost drowned the whole Ogba? Somebody cannot even see where to match leg. Kai. Issokay.
Keke pulls up and I hop in, bring out my phone and start reading case study for next week’s exam. I notice the keke has stopped and someone gets in beside me.
Chei! OGINIDI! How can somebody be smelling like 7 days water scarcity biko? 1 person! In this rainy season kwa.
I will sha hold my peace, I don’t know how to fight Lagos fight, if to say na Awka now, ehn ehn. Last last, thank God I’m sitting close to door, this smell is nothing that “observe the road and landscape” cannot solve. Or so I thought..😥. Ogba to Ikeja underbridge had never felt this far o.
Yeshua Messiah, Why do I suffer so? Help my hustle this year na, lemme assure myself with 1 car, see what your sister has to go through ehn.

We were at guinness when it starts to drizzle again and I start to think “this rain wants to show itself now abi, better wait till I get home o“.
Less than 20 meters to Ikeja under bridge and it’s now pouring buckets, like maybe it had heard my previous “inside the head” remark.

I imagined the rain was saying, “small water that I sprinkled and you’re complaining, let me give you something to really whine about”, so I replied “Ogbeni Calm down na, somebody cannot play with you again“, laughing at my own wit.

I only realize I’m laughing out loud when the people standing close by under the bridge start looking at me someway.
How do I begin to explain that I’m having a conversation with the rain in my head?.. sigh.. they should not carry me to yaba left one day o.

Shey it’s only that small hold up that this driver couldn’t endure that made him to carry us and take “one way”, now he’s driving like a mad man with a full RRS pickup van in hot pursuit.

The RRS hilux is just 2 vehicles behind us now and I’m wondering why the driver wouldn’t just stop and surrender, they’ve caught you already oga🙄.

These yellow buses have potential sha, who would’ve thought they could run this fast?

Somebody shouts “Cele wa” and oga stops at cele, RRS van stops right behind us and oga turns a sharp right, his engine never stopped!🤤🤤🤤. This guy sharp gaan! And we’d thought he wanted to drop passenger🤣🤣🤣
Before RRS people could start their car again and chase, we’d taken another turn. Vin Diesel would have been mad proud!🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Egbeda road network sha.
Maybe they chased, maybe they didn’t, we’d lost them.

I get home and there’s light. I start to call out to Umar to come buy me a truck of water as I open the gate and I remember the pumping machine was fixed yesterday.
I’m home. There’s light. There’s water. All is right with the world again. At least for now.