A voice in my head was taunting me to shun my wigs for something different last weekend. She called me lazy and said I play it safe too much alleging that laziness and fear are the reasons why I cling to me comfy shuku and wigs like an old woman. Its was the old woman part that got my attention, and I harkened to her voice when she advised that a hair cut or braids would be a good way to “show them”.

When I opted for braids, I could still hear her going on about how I liked to play it safe, I don’t know what she did it but somehow I walked in Dami’s hair salon and of all the hair extensions available I decided to attached white and blue extensions to my hair. I know this is not jazz because my name is not Chukwukadibia for nothing.

Now that I’m a living, breathing tzit tzit, aunty “reach out of your comfort zone” whisperer has disappeared. Please if she comes to you, tell her to holla at me, I just want to ask her something.

The sad thing is, the all the whole 150 minutes that I sat to get this hair done, Dami and her friend were busy telling me how pretty and “unique” the combination is, me nko?, I was looking at it and it was looking fine to me; until I woke up the this morning and looked in a mirror.

Now I’m strutting around trying to hold my head up and trying not to let on that I realize I look like a clown. It’s a good thing my mother lives 5 states away, she may have gone into the “war room” on this matter.

Anyways, what has happened has happened. I must not let the events of the past weekend shape my life, I will take the lessons and work towards a better future for my hair.

Las las, this hair is going to stick around for 2 weeks at least because it cost me some money to get it done and we cannot just come and be wasting money like that, Ife n’esi ike now.

I don’t know why I keep making these weird decisions lately, (I’m just saying weird because I don’t want to admit they’re bad decisions), I think 1 may be going through a quarter life crisis or is it 1/3 life crisis 🙄🙄.

Shout out to all my friends who have been there for me through this trying Monday

@Abiola, for telling me the hairstyle could have been better, we all need that person who can just come in, rip off the band aid and shove the truth in your face. Every body needs a Biola.

@Soprinye, for using the kindest description you could find “Unique”.

@Yetunde, for ignoring the weakness and focusing on the strength, babe just skipped the hair and went straight to, “babe, this your dress is hawt”!. God bless you mami!

@Moechude for the shoes that helped shift the attention from my head to my feet.

This too shall pass.