8.44am and I’m still in traffic on my way to work. We’re literally at a standstill at this point because two mad people are having a shouting match somewhere ahead. Apparently one person hit the other, I can’t even tell who hit who, all I see is a man making a fist and shouting “I’ll blow you o!”, over and over again and the other man keeps saying something in Yoruba to him that I’m not getting.

Mr Blow tries to swing one in, loses a step and almost falls to the ground, but he’s back up and threatening again “I will blow you o!”. You have to hand it to this man for determination but I’m also doing an eye roll at this point.

Everybody is angry.
Me, I’m just bored.

Unku pocket your blow and enter your car let’s be moving, we have places we need to be.

Or deliver this blow already, let us watch fight. As you don’t want us to get to work today, furnish us with a good show and authentic “mad Lagos people” story.