Have you ever thought, “how did Isaac manage it?” Seriously, how do you forgive the father that was going to kill you, that literarilly had the knife to your neck and ready to cut before God asked him to stop?
I think Isaac isn’t given enough credit. We never stop talking about Abraham’s faith, but what about the kind of faith that Isaac had?. He went back to living with the father that almost killed him and the serving the God that almost had his father do so.

Me? I’d run away to an Uncle or Aunt’s house.
Me? I’ve not even finished forgiving all the senior students that bullied me in boarding house.

Yeah we know now that it was a test, but we know Abraham didn’t know that at the time and Isaac would have known this too.

I’m not even sure how this makes me feel😞😞😞. I’m just sure they didn’t give us the whole gist, it’s hard to believe they just went back to being one big happy family like that, there had to have been some dissensions and distrust and then interventions.

When you’re praying to God for the Wisdom of Solomon, faith of Abraham, favour of David…. please remember to add the forgiveness of Isaac, that kind of forgiveness is not humanly possible, it is divine👌.