One Night…

I missed her the first time.. but I knew she’d venture out again. I knew her kind, prone to believe that they co-owned these parts, they would stagger out at any hour to do heir business spreading their filth on anything they touched, oblivious to the hate and fear they attract and the ills they propagate.

I waited in silence with my weapon, careful not to make a sound. I saw her come out again, look around and start to advance towards my hiding place, 1, 2, 3 whaaammmm!!!

I didn’t miss!. I watch her twitch a while, I derived a sick pleasure from watching her there on her back struggling to live. Whaaaamm!!!! The second blow finished it. She was still. My work was done.

The pleasure was fleeting, this was becoming too easy…I had read of a way to make this more thrilling, ways to kill more at a time, I would try this out tomorrow… Perhaps the pleasure wouldn’t be so fleeting then.

I had to dispose the corpse, I didn’t want to touch it; not because finger prints could be traced back to me, she was scum anyway, the community would be delighted, there was no love lost on this one. I avoided her filth in her life time, I wouldn’t let her infect me in death.
I put away my weapon and disposer to be used again in no distant time . I could now sleep, soundly. I had shown who truly owned these parts. I was boss.

These cockroaches, you have to keep them on check or they’ll run you out of your house.

Where did they all go? 

I’ve had a lot of them, ‘friends’. They’ve come and gone like fashion except they don’t get recycled. Or do they ?

I like to imagine I’ve seen them all, calm and crazy, I like to think I can be friends with just any kind of person. This concerns me sometimes, maybe it means I’m too flexible, too compromising not having very strong convictions… I’ve been told otherwise though… hell, I’ve been called cold, dogmatic, unfeeling, proud un-compassionate…lol Abada-Agu would a have good laugh remembering this one. One thing all this names had  in common though; people who didn’t get their way. Let’s not bother with those ones, we’ll save them for environmental sanitation day. Damn, I digress.

So about my friends, I barely remember the faces on some of them now, names even, but I don’t forget the events, the thrills, the escapades, the words, the betrayals, the stories, the loyalties, the secreets, they link up to emotions

I remember the way each person, each event made me feel.

I never forget. EVER.